Soutai Balance Kyokai(Association) Regulations of the Association

Soutai Balance Kyokai(Association)
Regulations of the Association

Article 1 (The name and office location)
This association is named as The Soutai Balance Kyokai(Association) and is headquartered at 1-7-4 Ebisu-honmachi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka City, Osaka.

Article 2 (Objectives)
This association aims to spread and develop Soutaiho and to improve the capability of members. And also, to contribute to society by building human resources, full of human nature.

Article 3 (Businesses)
This association does the following businesses to accomplish objectives in Article 2.
1 Educating Soutaiho instructors
2 Holding and supporting healthy classes mainly with Soutaiho.
3 Holding and supporting lecture meetings, seminars or workshops of Soutaiho.
4 Transmitting information and issuing a public relations magazine about Soutaiho
5 Publishing and selling books about Soutaiho.
6 Administrating this association.

Article 4 (Membership)
1. Any person who supports the objectives of this association and wishes
to be a member can become a member of it.
2. The person who wishes to be a member is required to submit an application form for membership enrollment to the head office of this association.
3. After having been enrolled, any member can enjoy several privileges given to members of this association, including discounted seminar fees, free bulletin, and etc.

Article 5 (Withdrawal)
1. Any member can voluntary withdraw from this association by submitting a notice of withdrawal to the head office.
2. A member falling under any of the following will be disqualified and
whose membership will become invalid.
1 The person is dead or doesn’t have the ability to distinguish right from wrong and whose legal guardian wishes a withdrawal from the association.
2 The person has been expelled. This association expels the person as follows.
(1) A member who has seriously injured the reputation of this association.
(2) A member has done something against the objectives of this association.
(3) Others who have been decided to be unsuitable to be a member of this association.
3 A member who has not paid the annual member fee.

Article 6 (Member Fees)
Members are required to pay the enrollment fee, annual membership fee and the supporting member fee in the prescribed procedure.
The annual fee changes according to the levels of the instructors. (See details in the attached paper.)

1 The enrollment fee is 6,000 yen.
2 The annual fee is 3,000 yen.
3 For the supporting members; the annual member fee for an individual supporting member is 2,000 yen and for an organization or cooperate supporting member is 10,000 yen and higher.

Article 7 (Directors)
This association appoints the under-mentioned officers.
1 One chairperson One representative One sub-representative
One auditor
2 One or more advisors
All Those officers should be chosen from members of this association and
approved at the general meeting of the officers.

Article 8 (Advisors)
1. This association can appoint a few advisors.
2. Advisors are chosen from people of experience or academic standings or
people who rendered distinguished service for this association.
They shall be appointed by the representative.

Additional Regulations

These regulations shall come into force on August 1st, 2016.

Subsidiary Regulations

(Annual Fees)
Members are required to pay an annual fee in the designated procedure.
The business year of this association begins in January and ends December
The annual fee differs according to the level of instructors.

General Members 3,000 yen/ a year
Quasi Instructors 3,000 yen/ a year
3rd kyu Instructors 3,000 yen/ a year
2nd kyu Instructors 7,000 yen/ a year
1st kyu Instructors 10,000 yen/a year
Senior Instructors 10,000 yen/a year

※If a General Member becomes an instructor during a business year, he/she shall pay the instructors’ annual fees from the next year.

In the case that a member has not paid the annual fee or is disqualified from members, he/she will be disqualified from instructors, also.

As an exception, people who live abroad can pay un-paid annual fees at a time when they visit Japan while their instructor certificate are valid.

Additional Regulations

These regulations shall come into force on August 1st, 2016.